Series One

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Overview: The Series One is a boutique amplifier without the boutique price. Twenty-five watts of true tube tone, this amp, like all of our amps, is hand-wired with full-sized components for simple modification and repair. Featuring intuitive controls for Gain, Treble, and Bass, and two inputs, High Gain, and a -6dB padded Normal channel, it is easy to dial in the perfect tone with any guitar. The Series One employees a unique system of separated modules for each section of the amplifier. The pre-amp, tone, drive, and power section boards can each be serviced or replaced as needed. Our PC boards are made of heavy fiberglass with through-hole plating and large soldering pads, so the parts can be easily removed and replaced. This amplifier is made to last generations and retain its value. Our power tubes are vintage USA New Old Stock and replacement tubes are readily available at low cost. The unique shape of the amp was designed to enable players to easily reach the controls and make adjustments on the fly. Our cabinets are made of real solid pine, like the early Tweed amps. Pine is lighter than most woods and adds to the tonal qualities by projecting the speaker’s movement through the wood, as well as making our amps light-weight, and extremely durable. The Series One utilizes a 12AX7 and 12AT7 preamp section, with two U.S. made vintage 6BQ6′s powering the speaker for that unique, vintage tone. The Series One is also configurable to accommodate 6V6′s, 6L6′s, EL84′s, or KT88′s. There is a built in bias section so the ability to match and change tubes is easy and can be done using a simple meter and a screwdriver.

Hear the Series One for yourself at:
Neal’s Music
6908 Warner Av
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 842-9965

Buffalo Bros Guitars
4901 El Camino Real
Carlsbad, CA
(760) 434-4567

Ford Electronics
8431 Commonweath Ave.
Buena Park, CA
(714) 521-8080

 (More dealers coming soon!)


1×12″ Combo- $1,395                                     NOW FACTORY DIRECT- $995                                    Head Unit- $1,140                                           WE PAY THE SHIPPING!                                      2×12″ Speaker Cabinet- $325                         PAY SECURELY THROUGH PAYPAL                     1×12″ Speaker Cabinet- $279                         CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS               Custom Options


“I really love the tone of this amp, and the more you play it, the louder you will want it to be until you are playing at full tilt, all the time. The wattage rating of 25 is conservative to say the least, and it sounds more like 35 solid watts to my ears…. I was wondering about the choice of pine as the cabinet wood until I heard that little box start howling like it was alive. The pine is so resonant it is obviously a big part of the reason the amp sounds so good. There is just something about the combo of that circuit with those tubes in that little pine box that produces an unbelievably good guitar sound. The overall result is that I can easily say the Series One is one of the best guitar amps I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot in my 60 years.” -Loyd S.

” I am enjoying the amp… It kicks ass on the Burriss Royal Bluesman I have. Really a round tone that blends into distortion great. ” -Nick H.

Cranked it this morning!  Killer amp man!” -John from Buffalo Bros.