SCAR Amplification New “Series One” 25 watt Tube Combo Hand Wired Made in USA

Introducing the New “Series One” This is a serious amplifier designed for the discriminating guitar player who wants Honest Tone and Function. The Series One is a Simple Uncomplicated Basic Amplifier. Our New and Unique Amplifier is Hand Built in the USA. This is a Classic Tube Amplifier with the basic three knob function every turn and setting has a distinct effect on the output. This is made up of Gain (volume) Bass and Treble. Simplicity in the EQ that will deliver a wide variety of tonal variations at the tip of your fingers. Now you can own a Hand Wired made in USA Boutique Amplifier at about half the price. Most of the Boutique amplifiers are built as a one off and priced accordingly, we take the Boutique concept to a production build which lowers the cost of production and savings to you. Remember the days when “Made in USA” stood for quality, we are here to bring back the quality build that is designed to be Serviced and Repaired to last generations like the Tweed Amps of the past. We offer our 25 watt Tube Combo at a price just above a Cheep China Throw Away Amplifier.  Our amplifier is designed as a Platform that can be modded and voiced to your own needs with our Plexiglass rear, access is easy and all components are full sized.    DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME  There are many models out there but few offer the True Tube Crunch and Cleans this will provide.  This has the Punch for mid sized clubs and Perfect for the Studio and a Great Addition to your Man Cave. Ask Your Local Dealer For SCAR.IMG_7630



The Series One employees hand built boards using high quality components that are overrated designed to last under the most demanding conditions. Each board is separated by function, Power Section, Tone Section, Pre-amp Section and Power -Amp Section and each board is repairable or replaceable. We use Heavy Fiberglass boards the through holes are plated and has large tracers so it can be soldered from the top or bottom no need to remove them. As you can see by the photos the Pots are not attached to the board so they can be replaced. There is no built in obsolesce these will last generations and designed so any tech can work on these with ease. We use only tried and true Mill Spec components. Our Power Tubes are Premium USA NOS. Our amplifiers are built using The Most Reliable Construction Techniques. The SCAR amplifier is a Technical Dream Come True.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA