SCAR Amplification began as Surf City Amp Room, a vintage amplifier modification and repair shop specializing in taking old PA amplifiers such as Bogen and Knight, and transforming them in to one-of-a-kind guitar amplifiers. Larry McNeely, SCAR Amps founder, was exposed at a very early age to electronics of all kinds; his grandfather worked for Fender during the early years, and his father worked for Bogen Company. As a youth, Larry started building things such as the Fuzz Tone out of a Popular Electronics magazine, a tape echo unit made out of an old Craig tape recorder, and even a home-brewed, pre-MOOG synthesizer! However, a prized Christmas gift, a Fender Pro Tweed amplifier, cemented his interest in amps for good.

After years of customizing amplifiers, and repairing every amp under the sun, Surf City Amp Room was finally ready to put its vast knowledge of guitar amplification to work, creating a one-of-a-kind, all tube amplifier; the SCAR Amplification Series One was born. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity of the Bogens, the shimmering cleans of Fender, and the raw tube saturation of Marshall, the Series One is every bit true to its amplification roots. By refusing to compromise on quality or sound, SCAR Amplification hopes to usher in a new era of manufacturing in the U.S., using only quality, full-sized components, and insisting that SCAR amps are simple to modify and repair.
You can read some of Larry’s thoughts on amplifiers, and learn how a tube amp actually works by visiting TUBE TALK.

As SCAR Amplification grows we intend to carry our concept of serviceability and modifiable amplifiers to the Home Audio Market we will be producing an all tube hand wired made in USA Stereo Mono Block amplifiers and pre amps. We feel that your investment should last a lifetime and generations beyond.